Here are few selected highlights from our findings:

The typical respondent was between the ages 25-54, married with an avarage household income. Of this group, 88 percent had purchased upholstered furniture within the past several years.

The following characteristics are most important to consumers:

- Durability
87 percent rated as very important
- Style
86 percent rated as very important
- Stain resistance
77 percent rated as very important
- Ease of cleaning
75 percent rated as very important

Fabrics embody all the features consumers demand. They are repellent, easy to care for and extremely durable, resisting the toughest stains, soils and fading.

Soft and stylish

While fabrics were designed to be performance fabrics, we refused to compromise on softness or style. Unlike other stain resistant fabrics thet use harsh chemical additives, our fabrics are made of nylon, a fibre proven to be inherently durable yet incredibly soft. The delicate, luxourious feel is accentuated with an array of coordinated colours, designs and unique textures, allowing consumers to express their own personal design flair. And best of all, our products maintain their beauty and softness for the life of the fabric.

Extreme durability

Consumers want a fabric that lasts. A fabric that can handle whatever life throws at it. It easily passes heavy-duty durability standards and withstands long term wear and tear. Its nylon fibres are extremely durable and are resistant to high abrasion. Our fabrics are extremely resistant to fading, crocking and pilling. It's yet another reason that makes our fabrics the ultimate performance fabrics.

Stain resistant

A fabric doesn't just resist stains. It virtually erases them from existance. It undergoes an innovative manufacturing process that builds a barrier of protection into the fabric. Nylon fibres make it unbelievably resistant to difficult stains and heavy soiling. Our fabrics are the ultimate performance fabrics practically take care of themselves.


Our fabrics keep up with the thrills and spills of everyday life. When accidents occur, liquids simply bead up on the surface of the fabric. This initial repellency makes cleaning easy - blotting with a cloth is usually all that's needed, even with difficult stains like coffee and wine.

Easy care

Cunsumers want a fabric that appeals to their sense of style, is soft to the touch and is easy to clean. Designed to resists stains and soiling, our fabric is amazingly easy to care for. In most cases, a little soap and water are all that's required to restore the fabric to its original state. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried, yet it never shrinks or pills. Clearly, easy care was never this easy.

Environmentally friendly

Our fabrics are proof that environmentally responsible products can stand at the forefront of performance fabric design. Fabrics are completely free of PCPs and CFCs. And they are Oeko-Tex certified, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics on the market. Fabrics are also gentle to the skin. Because they're free of harsh chemicals, they exudes a softness consumers love.