MAPA TEX is the continuator of "P.B.” company established in1994. Although twenty years have passed, fabrics are still our passion. We import, wholesale and retail furniture fabrics in Poland.

Each year we introduce new designs based on the latest trends, provede experts advice, outstanding quality, and transportation throughout the country. The whole range of product is available in the company's stores. Our motto is: "YOU ORDER TODAY, YOU GET TOMORROW".

Partnership programme allows us to cooperate with a number of shops in Poland, by what we distribute professional folders and samples of our fabrics, and customers can be introduced to our offer by touching a new generation of fabrics.

We feel honoured and encouraged by your trust that has allowed us to develop through those years.

We invite You on a journey through the world of design and amazing style inspiration to introduce you to the original design and very good quality that our fabric represents.

Combining all the unique characteristics you may feel proud of creating a joint beauty around you.